Journal 11/14/12

So I had my second interview at HD yesterday. It didn't go well.... I was a nervous wreck. I answered all the questions really fast and didn't really have much of a personality. Unless you consider nervous freak a personality.  I guess I just crumbled under the stress.

My boyfriend has been getting way to excited, and was telling everyone that once I got this job we would be able to move, and then get a puppy and then live happily ever after... And now that I didn't get the job all that is not gonna happen. Shitty. I am trying not to cry just because he will be home soon but I feel really crappy that I did such a bad job at the interview. And now I am back to looking. Back to my boring and broke life.

This is depressing.... I should go distract myself with meaningless housework (since uneducated housewife seems to be my future)

Hopefully this is just PMS talking and not slipping back into depression.

And Cedric Diggory just died, no use trying to keep back the tears now.



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