Next Semester

So...  I have to register for classes for next semester on Dec. 5th. I am not enjoying my self in school and I don't know what I want to major in. I started in Interior Design but I wasn't having fun and I didn't feel like  I belonged there. So this semester I tried Biology but I'm way to stupid for that. So now I have no clue what classes I'm going to take next semester.

Everyone is telling me to stay in school but I am so lost, and I feel like I'm just throwing away money. Would it be crazy to take some time off? I have NO CLUE how I would tell my mom though. I feel like it's something that I should do though. Everyone says that it will harder to go back once I've left but I just need time to clear my head.

It's not like I'm leaving to have a kid that will keep me away from school, I would be working. Saving money, and living. Finding my way and gaining life experience so I could figure out where I belong.

AHHHHHHHH..... i am so confused. I have financial aid so my tuition isn't that much each semester, and I get a $700 stipend each month I'm in school. So, its not like school is breaking the bank.

I thought talking (blogging) it out would help but I am even more confused now, and on the verge of tears. I feel like I will be making a mistake if I leave but it's really just shitty to be wasting my days in a classroom.



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