Romance Of The Day

Be soft - Kurt Vonnegut

This automatically reminded me of my relationship, and I'm sure it may apply to others. 

I am guilty of holding grudges and harboring resentment. I can get so caught up in everything that he is doing wrong that I forget everything he is doing right and why I feel in love with him. 

I get mad that he never does dishes, or he is ALWAYS playing video games, or he drops his clothes on the floor right after I clean. All those petty little things can add up and make me into a hard person. I get bitter and take it out on him, then he gets bitter and takes it out on me . It's just a big, nasty circle. 

One of the hardest acts is to let go, but its something that I have been learning to do. Let-go of the little, embrace the big. 

He will always make me coffee in the morning, and bring it to me, ALWAYS. Hold me when I feel like falling apart, support me financially, let me take more room in the closet, encourage me and push me to be a better person. 

It is far too easy for me to get blinded by hate and forget the special connection we share; that's how relationships end. 

I want to be one of those couples that met in high school and stay together until death does us part. So, starting today I'm making a conscious decision to be a better more loving, and understanding partner.



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