10/23/12 Journal

Today was really boring.... I did another coat of stain on the bottom of the dining table. It looks amazing :) if i do say so myself. I'm really proud of it :) ill have a video once I get the legs done. I'm still waiting on the paint from Benjamin Moore.  I hope its here soon so i can clean up the mess taking up the majority of my apartment.

I went to the post office and picked up my BuluBox, made a video on it. Wrote a review on the Eco-Dent gum because I was bored.  FINALLY, made a video on My BzzAgent kit. Wrote some blog entries.

Filmed a new (pointless) smashbook video. Sold a TV on craigslist, which was awesome because I would have given it away for free. It has been sitting in my apartment forever! Played some video games with my man. Had an awesome dinner (brats, fries, and salad). Finally emailed my new teacher. All day I should have been studying for a chem test I have tomorrow but of course i'm not. I hate school, I feel invisible. The school system doesn't care about my education. I don't knw what I want to do with my life so I'm just wasting my time and a lot of money in school. grrrrrr... so frustrating.

Well i'm tired and my bed is calling my name, so I bid the cyberverse adieu.



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