Eco-DenT Between! Dental Gum Review

I just received a BuluBox and inside was this Eco-DenT Between! Dental Gum. (If you want to see what else was in my box click here) I was pretty intrigued by this and I thought others would be also so I thought I would just write a quick review.

 This little sample packet is in the flavor Cool Mint. The flavor is initially very good. Quickly the flavor disappears and your left with only a little minty flavor mixed with a slightly waxy gum flavor. After a while the freshyfreshy mint flavor completely goes away, and your left with more of a sweet minty taste. All in all for the flavor the initial minute is good but the flavor quickly subsides and the gum isn't as tasty anymore.

The ingredients include baking soda, which I love because baking soda is a great ingredient for killing germs and for whitening teeth. Also there is 25% of your daily value of Vitamin A, C and E (per 2 pieces). There are no colors or dyes added so each piece is an off white/yellowish color.

The package says "Sugar Free" but in the ingredients there is Sugar alcohol. Yes, sugar alcohol is different from sugar (sucrose), but I still think it is a little misleading. Sugar alcohol (or in this specific case, Sorbitol, a type of sugar alcohol) is naturally found in fruits and vegis and is used a lot with oral care products because oral bacteria can not metabolize it. Sugar alcohol is less sweet and contains less calories. It is a healthier option to sugar without being artificial. More info on sugar alcohols here.

This product is made in the good ol' USA, and is manufactured under  Lotus Brands Incorporation. It is available at Whole Foods and possible your local health food store. It is also available on Amazon, Internatural, or Eco-DenT. It looks like each packet of 12 is around $2.

Over all as gum I would rate it as 2/5 but as a natural dental hygiene product I would rate it a 4/5. It tastes good without crazy chemicals and it has solid ingredients that will benefit your teeth.

If you have tried it or want to know something else about this leave a comment below. FYI I'm not affiliated with this company at all, this is my opinion and research. I just wrote this for curious natural product junkies :)



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